About Us

FEEDPRO KH CO., LTD is a Canadian managed company operating in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. Our factory manufactures animal feed products, and we ship globally direct to customers and to the domestic market.

The plant is located in Phnom Penh with total area 6000m², contruction began in July 2015 and and machinery set up continued from Oct 2015.

Factory production started in May 2016 and was put into operation and provided products since May 2016.

Our major products are Dried Spent Grain & Dried Spent Yeast. The by-products of the production of beer is well recognized as an excellent source of protein and a good source of energy. It is a very good protein-based feed, rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, having good palatability and digestibility.

In October 2019, FeedPro will expand operations with new area of 3000m² more and start to build and set up a feed pellet operation. The new operation will specialize in high fiber ruminant products with forage and grains. The mill will supply domestic and export customers with high quality feeds.

Ingredient and sample storing system and production management system allow FeedPro to trace the origin of each feed batch with full details, as well as the supplier’s details.

Our goal is to maintain a standard in the industry in which our customers from local or the United States, Japan and Singapore can attest to from our previous and continuing business.

FeedPro KH is dedicated to supplying quality products to ensure customer satisfaction.

FeedPro KH takes pride in being managed by professional Canadian quality management and a great team of dedicated staff. The products are pure beer meal or yeast, non GMO with zero foreign matter and a standard moisture control for local and export

Our vision is to be a ‘World Class’ supplier of dried spent grain, dried spent yeast and feed pellets. Everything we do is guided by our belief that our success lies in the success of our customers.

Our people are our greatest asset and through them we will achieve our goals of operational excellence, continuous innovation, organizational effectiveness and good corporate citizenship.

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